Our software strategy has one primary objective: Maximum freedom of decision for users. We offer our users:

Configuration of Instrumentation Systems

test.commander bildschirm


System configuration for instrument layouts with a test controller from the Q.series or e.series.

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icp100 bildschirm

ICP 100

Configuration of individual Q.bloxx, e.bloxx and ISM modules. ICP 100 is an integral part of the test.commander.

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Visualization and storage of readings

test.viewer bildschirm


Online visualization and display of stored readings, initial analyses. The test.viewer is an integral part of the test.commander.

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Archiving of data in networks or databases (server software)

test.node bildschirm


Reading data from one or more test controllers, packing, converting and saving in a directory on any desired server.

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Graphic programming of PAC functions

test.con bildschirm


Simple programming of individual calculations, links, sequence controls, control functions, and then loaded into a Test Controller. Custom designing of a control and display function.

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Software solutions from our partner companies matched to
our instrumentation and testing equipment

standard-loesungen bildschirm

MLab and PLab

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Drivers and examples of standard packages

treiber bildschirm


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Incorporation of instrumentation in testing and automation systems

ftp bildschirm

Open interface, independent of any specific operating system

Access to all configuration files and readings from any FTP client, reading, modifying and writing of configurations, access protection with multiple password hierarchies.

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